Whole Brain Stimulation

Our Training Modules Based on Neuroscience Helps Develop Left & Right Brain Synchrony Which Leads to Better Brain Performance in Kids.


DMIA (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis) is a psychometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints. It studies the ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes, and soles which are formed during the foetal development stage and once developed are unchanged for life. For most purposes, these also act as unique genetic identifiers


We have created various sound wave vibrations which have the ability to guide the natural brain wave pattern to vibrate at required frequencies, thereby allowing neurons to fire and create new neural pathways across different sections of the brain.
Neural pathways are responsible for concentration, comprehension, reading and writing speed, retention and recall.

Make Your Child The Next Genius

Access to Success is India’s first holistic child development program designed to help kids aged 5-14 years identify their true potential and with it, their path to a lifetime of happiness and success.

By combining Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis application with a Whole Brain Development workshop.

Understands and guides children, based on their innate highs and lows (inborn intelligence/ learning style/personality type).

Enhances their learning capacity multifold, with the use of several techniques.

It is based on Nobel Prize-winning researches and endorsed by eminent professionals in the fields of Education and Child Psychology in India.


Safe Environment

Most of our programs are online. So anyone can learn in safe environment of own home. Our offline programs are also conducted under supervision of trained team to provide safe environment for everyone.

Best Teachers

You may choose from our well experienced teachers. We understand your concern while choosing teacher. So, you may go through all the relevant information before choosing one.

Non Academics

We also provide coaches and mentors for non academic activities. Be it a kid, an adolescent or a professional, we have resources to meet your learning goals.

Our Associations

Brain Barn Edu creates programs based on global development and training platforms that provide unique transformational learning, which work towards transforming the participant’s mental and emotional blueprint.They are committed to providing a transformation which is not a one-time event, but one which provides access to living an extraordinary life forever.

Brain Barn Edu

Fliplearn is an award winning e-learning app designed to supplement a child’s learning with the help of fun and interactive digital content that has been mapped to all education boards in India. No two students learn at the same pace or using the same approach, which is why Fliplearn allows its students to personalize their learning experience based on their learning styles.