About Us

Who We Are

We are human cultivators. We use scientific tools and proven methods to access inner potential and passion. These extremely powerful tools help us to get to the core personality of a person. Our well researched training and coaching modules nurture personality of a human being and empower them to take on challenges and conquer.

“Reliccess” is training and coaching division of Chiriawala Consultancy Services. Chiriawala is committed to provide transparent and cost effective Business Consultancy Services since Dec 2016 to MSMEs and Unorganized sectors to expand horizons for Indian Businesses.

We coach you to excel in every walk of life. With Reliccess we have a mission to cultivate humans.

Vision: Why Are We Here?

Youth is future of any country. Youth has a lot of energy and potential without direction. We value the asset in our youth. At present we put them to an education system, where they follow a race without clear education objective.

Our vision is to help our youth to choose their objective of life based on their inner potential. We help them to have clear vision and passion to follow their dreams. We also see such youth to be nation builder and true national treasure. We see helping millions of emerging International heroes to CREATE their destiny.


  • Study Of Seeds – We Provide Well Researched, Scientific And Proven Methods To Explore Inner Potential (Multiple Intelligence) Of Youth.
  • Plantation – We Guide Them Professionally To Choose Right Direction.
  • Watering: Help Them With Simple Activities And Tools To Improve Overall Intelligence.
  • Nurture – Provide Them With Powerful Life Skills To Make Them Strong Enough To Strive Towards Their Goals In Extreme Adversities.